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Violin Bow Technique
Violin Left Hand 1
Violin Left Hand 2
Violin Left Hand 3

VBT-Cover-iconViolin Bow Technique

A comprehensive demonstration of bowing technique, from beginner to advanced level. Bowhold, bowstrokes from détaché to sautillé, string crossing, double-stops and tone production in one-point video lessons. Plus texts and scores for violin and viola.

1 – Bowhold

Introduction to Bowhold, Finding a Bowhold, Bowhold, Clock Positions, Bowhold – Advanced

2 – Bowing Fundamentals

Introduction to Fundamentals, Straight Bow, Square Position, Bow Position at Heel and Point, Introduction to Change of Bow, Change of Bow, Down-Bow Retakes, Actions in Hand and Fingers

3 – Détaché

Introduction to Détaché, Détaché in Middle, Detaché in Upper Half, Détaché in Lower Half, Whole-Bow Stroke

4 – Slurred Bowings

Introduction to Slurred Bowings, Two-Note Slurs, Smooth String Crossing, Left-Hand Articulation, Pulsing Within the Slur, Introduction to Combined Bowings, Combining Slurs and Détaché, Combining Articulations

5 – Beginning Clicks

Introduction to Beginning Clicks, Introduction to Martelé, Martelé Development, Bow-Hand Pronation, Thumb and Fingers, Martelé as a Useful Practice Technique, Introduction to Hook Stroke, The Rebound, Two-Note Unit, Hook Stroke Practice, Introduction to Collé, Collé Development, Collé in Other Bowings

6 – Bouncing Bowings

Introduction to Bouncing Bowings, Introduction to Spiccato, Spiccato Development, Standing Spiccato, Lifting the Bow at Heel, Introduction to Reflex Bowings, Introduction to Sautillé, Develop the Vertical Action, Sautillé – Forearm or Hand, Common Challenges in Sautillé, Introduction to Ricochet, Bounce the Bow, Endless Bouncing, Ricochet – Add Bowstroke, Ricochet – Add String Crossing, Re-Energize Ricochet, Common Challenges in Ricochet

7 – String Crossing

Introduction to String Crossing, Whole-Arm Development, Whole-Arm with Bowstroke, Pivot String Crossing, Example from Bach Partita, Practice Points
for Bach

8 – Chords

Introduction to Chords, String Levels, Planning in Four-Note Chords, Point of Contact, Simultaneous Three-Note Chords, Finger Action

9 – Tone Production

Introduction to Tone Production, Weight of the Bow, Bow Speed, Bow Friction, Point of Contact (Sounding Point), Bowhair Inclination, Son File

10 – Planning & Practice

Introduction to Planning & Practice, Mixed Rhythms, Practice Breaks, Three Bows Per Note, Open Strings, Pulsing, Heel, Middle & Point, Planning Bow Division, Lifting the Bow at Heel

11 – Integration

Introduction to Integration, Warm-Ups, Expressive Playing

12 – Resources

Repertoire List, Bibliography, Glossary

VLH-v1-Cover-iconViolin Left Hand volume 1

Fundamentals of left-hand technique for violin and viola. Holding the violin, warm-ups, left-hand frame, finger action, trills, finger independence and facility. Video lessons, with texts and scores. For players at all levels.

1 – The Violin & Your Body

Introduction, Holding the Violin, Shoulder Rests, Why Use a Shoulder Rest?, Shifting without a Shoulder Rest, Chin Rests, Introduction to Warm Ups, Warm Up the Whole Body, Warm Up the Left Hand

2 – Left-Hand Fundamentals

Introduction, Bring the Violin to You, Left-Thumb Placement, Arm Steering & 4th Finger Pizzicato, Arm Steering & Pre-Shifting, Set Up Left Hand from 3rd Finger, Set Up Left Hand from 4th Finger, Left-Hand Frame Exercises, Finger Before Bow, Holding Fingers Down, Curved Fingers & Flatter Fingers, Finger Patterns, Finger Pattern Diagrams

3 – Finger Action

Introduction, Base-Knuckle Action, Lizard Tongue, Height of Finger Lift, Balance The Hand, Horizontal Finger Action, Harmonics, Release the Pressure, Trills, Trills and Turns, Trills and Vibrato, Left-Hand Pizzicato

4 – Finger Independence

Introduction, Table-Top Finger Exercises, Independence Exercises, Tap Fingers While Bowing, Harmonics Develop Control, Exercise After Gerle

5 – Facility

Introduction, Finger Patterns, Mixed Rhythms, Mixed Bowings, Use Sautillé to Develop Facility, Finger Action at Varying Tempos, Check Your Fundamentals

VLH-v2-Cover-iconViolin Left Hand volume 2

Shifting, scales, arpeggios, and double-stops. Fundamental exercises for shifting as well as playing in very high positions. Several ways to practice double-stops. Video lessons, texts and scores.

6 – Shifting,

Introduction, Pre-Shifting, Basic Shifting Actions with Broomstick, 1st to 3rd Position Shifting, Release Pressure, Developing the Aural Map, Guide Fingers, Guide Fingers – Kreutzer Study 11, Introduction to High-Position Shifting, Thumb as Pivot, Stretches & Contractions, Shrinking Spaces between Fingers, Diatonic Sequences, Flesch One-String Sequence, Yost Shifting, Chromatic Sequences, Practice Points

7 – Scales & Arpeggios

Introduction, One-Octave Scales, Two-Octave Scales, Three-Octave Scales, 3-8ve Scale Sequence, Top Scale Octave, Rhythm Patterns in 3-8ve Scales, Two-Octave Arpeggios, Three-Octave Arpeggios, One-String Scales & Arpeggios, Scales in One Position, Scales in One Position – Practice, Chromatic Scales, How to Practise Chromatic Scales, Dominant & Diminished Sevenths, Practise Scales Descending

8 – Chords & Double Stops

Introduction, Tuning Double Stops, Shifting in Double Stops, Practice Techniques, Flat or Curved Fingers, Thirds, Fifths, Sixths, Octaves, Fingered Octaves, Tenths

VLH-v3-Cover-iconViolin Left Hand volume 3

Intonation and vibrato, development and improvement. In practical video lessons with texts and scores. Coordination between bowing and left hand. A detailed look at practice.

9 – Intonation

Introduction, Tuning Notes to Open Strings, Resonance, Slow Intonation Practice, Developing the Feel, Find Double Stops in Passages, Find Central Notes, Pitch in Context

10 – Vibrato

Introduction, Pre-Vibrato – Loosen the Body, Pre-Vibrato – Knock the Peg, Check Vibrato Direction, Vibrate on Wood, Improving Your Vibrato Action, Light & Firm Finger Pressure, Width & Speed, Continuous Vibrato, Impulse Vibrato, Support of Another Finger, Arm Vibrato, Hand Vibrato

11 – Coordination & Practice

Introduction to Coordination, Left/Right Independence, Finger Before Bow, Crossing Strings, Place Fingers Together for Speed, Introduction to Practice, Think Ahead for Left-Hand Clarity, Different Finger Patterns on One String, Mixed Rhythms & Bowings

12 – Resources

Repertoire, Bibliography, Glossary

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